Etna Urban Winery

We want to bring the Etna Wine making and tasting into an urban environment keeping the historical connection between winemaking and terroir.


Our winery is adding to the diversity of the San Gregorio region, an area which has historically produced wine but now sits at the outer fringes of Catania.


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Etna Urban Winery gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the history of Etna wine making in Sicily, to visit an urban vineyard, to learn about the territory and to taste four Etna wines in a unique historical semi-urban environment.

The experience

Vineyard trail

Walk an urban vineyard at your own pace while discovering dry stone walls and an old domed building, soon to be renovated. You will walk through one of the few oak forests still in the area (now protected) and an olive grove.

Gourmet tasting

Enjoy and experience the quality of the wines born on the slopes of Mount Etna, from our partners wineries, along with a selection of gourmet food created by the outstanding local chef Carlo Sichel. The partner wineries include Tenuta delle Terre Nere, Masseria Setteporte, Cantina Russo and Famiglia Statella.


Learn about the traditional way to produce wine in Sicily. You will visit our 17th century Palmento (winery) that is host to two 10,000-litre wooden barrels and an old wine press that was once able to process around 8 tons of grapes!


Face the difficult choice of whether to relax around a lovely Sicilian courtyard, surrounded by our collection of succulents and hydrangeas, or lay down while looking at Etna Mountain and enjoying the summer breeze. Do not worry – both options include an exquisite and refreshing glass of wine.


Let the children have their own fun by looking for different stone animals made by a local artist. We have hidden them around the winery along the adult’s track so look up and down to help them find them. Ask for the details at the entrance of the winery.


Urban Winery full experience

Savour our urban winery concept.

  • Access to venue, vineyard trekking
  • Kid’s urban winery experience
  • Tasting journey with four Etna wines paired with gourmet tapas prepared by our chef
Price per person (online price only)


Trail and venue access

Get a glimpse of our urban winery.
  • Access to venue and vineyard trail
Price per person (online price only)


What People are Saying

“Different and Urban experience”

For us the Etna Urban Winery has been a different experience from what we have seen in our Etna Tour, Vineyard isn’t only a sweet mountain walk, Vineyard could also be a Urban experience In viaggio tra i filari

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Before walking on our hiking trail, please read all the signs at the visitor centre for information and safety precautions. Note that shoes and clothing should be suitable for hiking on terrain such as rock formations and sand.

Hours of Operation

We are open
from Tuesday to Saturday
09:00am – 02:00pm

We encourage you to arrive early to start your day with the vineyard walk before the sun gets too high.

Tasting is offered between
11:00am – 01:00pm

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